Running with my Thesis

A grad student and her dog

Running in the rain

on August 25, 2013

Are you considered a real runner if you get outside, see it’s pouring rain, whine about how much you hate the rain, but do your run anyway?

Yesterday I ended up taking doggie for two walks for a total of 5.5 miles, thus making my day off running at least a day of moving. I really love walking with Thesis – she’s just such a nice dog to walk with, even when she’s determined to sniff every blade of grass along the way.  There are also some really lovely places to walk here. Yesterday we ran into a couple running with their two dogs – a big golden lab type and a smaller poodle type.  There was much sniffing and some growling, and then everyone moved along and was okay. Thesis is getting better about being around other dogs, which is a relief. (If I were to armchair diagnose her, I’d say she’s a pretty anxious dog. I’m not sure how long she was with her last owner, but probably a long time. I know from the pound that giving her up absolutely gutted the woman, but she was going into long-term care and there was no one to take her. When I first got her, she used to have such anxiety if I even left to take out the garbage, and now she’s still sad and anxious if I leave, but she doesn’t completely melt down. Poor doggie. I wish she felt better and more confident, but it takes time. I’ve only had her since May.)

But today was Week 5 Day 1 of C25k. I am totally impressed with myself for fighting through this one considering that it was raining for the very first part. (Mostly we got wet during the pre-run walk. Thesis did not want to keep running after that, as Thesis hates getting wet. I informed her that if I had gone to the whole effort of getting on my running clothes and shoes and doing up my hair then we were going for a run. She pined after the apartment until it stopped raining about a minute or two later. Poor doggie. Her life, so hard. My life, so hard. But I totally would have kept running even if it had kept raining.) This one was hard again, just like the first bit of Week 4. I’m kind of surprised it was, though – overall it’s fewer actual minutes of running this stint (15 minutes versus 16). It’s just that it’s three 5 minute stretches, I guess. I don’t know.  I got through it, and that’s the important part.

I am so glad I have Mia’s Chubby Jones podcasts, though. I’m certain they’re not to everyone’s tastes, but for me her chatter and words of encouragement really help me get through those long running stretches where I’d really rather just stop and do something else, like lie on the ground and not move. I feel like we’re friends, even though I’ve never even sent her an email. It’s nice to have her words of encouragement.

If all goes according to plan, tomorrow should be back to having doggie photos, since the parts for my phone should be in. Which is good, because really – my doggie is the cutest doggie, and you are missing out.

I’m a bit anxious about school starting up again soon. I hit the ground running (as it were) on September 3rd and I’m so afraid it’s going to go pear-shaped in terms of my time commitments. I wonder if I should look for a human running partner to keep me going?


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